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AgriNous is a cloud based platform providing in field and back office capabilities for Stock Agents and Saleyard operators. Delivering substantial time savings to balancing and reconciliation activities and integrates with the hardware and software you trust.

Running on an Android based tablet and a data SIM card, the system offers multi-tablet and back office synchronisation via the latest web technologies. Delivering full compliance to regulatory requirements – Including the recent Victorian Government introduction of mandatory EID tagging in sheep.

What our clients say

The AgriNous team have been a huge support, enabling Ouyen Livestock Exchange to meet its’ EID compliance obligations. The software has created significant efficiencies, sale data is now balanced hours earlier than previously
Prue Lynch
Saleyard Manager, Ouyen Livestock Exchange
We've been with AgriNous since Agriculture Victoria mandated EID's in sheep in April 2018. Myself and the Agents are extremely happy with the solution and service from the whole AgriNous team is fantastic! As a Saleyard we have very little to do on sale day with regard to data management, the system is that easy to use the Agents can handle all of it. Some of my favorite features are not having to worry about WiFi or IT Servers at the yards and being able to easily go out with my mobile phone and scan an animal in a pen and find out who it belongs to - prior to AgriNous, this would have taken many phone calls to track down the owner and without EID's it was always a best guess.
Paul Christopher
Saleyard Manager, Horsham Regional Livestock Exchange
Their willingness to listen to the requirements of those involved and then alter as needed to improve the process was nothing short of brilliant and has continued on since. There is no doubt that changing to the AgriNous program has saved Council an enormous amount of time and resources across all areas involved in conducting fortnightly sheep/lamb sales
Anthony Brennan
Saleyard Manager, Warracknabeal Livestock Exchange
AgriNous is very easy to use, even for an old bloke like me – Andrew McIllree
After only a few pens AgriNous is quicker than the card – Will Schilling
It's so easy that the stockies are embracing new technology much quicker than we thought – Sally Ison
Re-Penning in the tablet is faster than using a card – Brock Quick
On the busy days this will save us 45 mins to an hour writing up the book before the sale – Vince Muscat
DMD Team
Driscol McIllree & Dickinson, Horsham, Nhill & Stawell
It is very easy to use really. Once we had our 15 minute lesson yesterday, from there it was pretty smooth sailing really. I can see this is going to be massive for us, just the ability to be able to balance things as we go, give prices to our clients straight away, heaps of benefits really. Really happy.
James Tierney
Director, RLA - Riverina Livestock Agents, Wagga

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